Hollow, Book One in the Bunny Elder Adventure Series

Hollow, my debut novel, began as a random comment to my youngest son one October day while we were taking a walk.

Observing the grisly Halloween decorations in the neighborhood, I remarked that if I were a serial killer getting rid of the bodies in October would be easy. I’d just tuck them into the holiday displays like the ones we saw.

“You should write a book about that, Mom,” he said.

I began toying with the idea and only six years later, Hollow was available in print and on Kindle at Amazon.com.

Having been a pastor’s wife for twenty-five years, the decision to make my protagonist a pastor’s wife was easy.

Although many of the characters in my books have personalities borrowed from people I’ve known, the stories and characters are pure fiction.

Hollow is a cozy mystery with a bit of bite. Some readers find a scene or two “too gruesome” while other reviews comment on the “delightfully gruesome” scenes.

One thing I’ve learned as a writer, the book I write is not necessarily the one you read. Just as an author puts something of herself into every book, the reader adds their own personality to the story. The more the book catches their imagination, the more the reader contributes.

Hollow takes place in rural Northern California, in an imaginary community not far from  the foothill towns where I grew up.

When I was encouraged to write more adventures of Bunny and Max, I took them to other locations where I’ve traveled or lived.

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