Work in Progress

I am currently in the outline and characterization stage of my next J.B.Hawker novel.

Naidenne Grinager and Rev. Scott Davidson (introduced in the Bunny Elder series) have been married for about a year when the story opens. They are living in the Bannoch Community Fellowship church parsonage.

Other characters introduced in the Bunny Elder series who will reappear in the new book (working title “Bannoch-by-the-Sea”) are Naidenne’s friend, Shirley; Scott’s sister, Rosamund; and her now-widowed nemesis, Maureen Oldham.

New characters being developed are bank manager, Len Spurgeon; Miss Dot, the ancient quilting lady living near Cannon Beach; escaped convict from Pelican Bay, Carver Schramm; Eskaletha Evans, wife of the pastor of the AME church; Judith Falls, Olivette Vernon and Elizabeth Gilbert, other pastor’s wives in the Bannoch community and friends of Naidenne.

I will be trying to give a more in-depth look into the life of a typical pastor’s wife while at the same time weaving a thrilling adventure story.

The Bunny Elder series books were published at the rate of one every six months. Rather than attempt to keep up that pace, I have set a target publication date for “Bannoch” for late Spring 2015.



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