Priorities of the Independent Author

Like many (can I say most?) independent authors, I support myself by working a full-time job.

Since completing the Bunny Elder Adventure series, publishing a new book every six months, I had planned to use some of my precious writing time to promote my published works and set a more leisurely pace for my current project.

This is proving more difficult than I’d anticipated for a couple of reasons.

One, a common theme in a lot of the expert advice encourages regular, rapid output to establish a readership base.

When I read, “publish on a regular schedule, whether one book every six months, or a book each month,” I was stunned to think my two-books-a-year schedule was the outer limit, rather than the Herculean task I’d previously considered it to be. Heeding this advice would have me concentrating on rushing my next book to completion, leaving no time for promotion and marketing.

My second issue sjuggling timeurprised me even more: promotion takes a lot more of my creative energy than writing. Writing, although occasionally hard, slogging work, is still my joy and a natural creative outlet.  Self-promotion, even just learning the ways and means of marketing, runs counter to my personality, leaving me completely drained, in no shape to work on the new book.

This is probably not an issue for those authors who have the luxury of independent means or who have already started earning enough to quit their day jobs, but what is the answer for those of us still doing double-duty in the rat race?

I would love to hear any solutions or suggestions.




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