Am I a real author?

Nearly three years ago when I finally finished my first novel, Hollow, and published it through Amazon’s CreateSpace, I felt apologetic when people asked about my publisher, responding with some version of, “Oh, I’m afraid I just published it myself.”

When friends asked me to sign their copies of the book I was embarrassed and treated it as a joke, “Keep that for when I’m a famous author, ha ha.”

As of today, I have four books of a mystery/thriller series in print and for Kindle. They are available, not only from Amazon, but at many book stores and my local library.

I’ve been interviewed for the local newspaper and a regional publication, each time feeling that I must apologize for not being a real author.

Since being honored by indieBRAG for Hollow, I’ve begun to rethink my attitude.

Yes, I haven’t made enough money to quit my day job, but while working at a very demanding full-time position with my county department of education, I have managed to write, edit, format, create cover design, publish and promote four full-length novels.

I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Although fairly modest amounts, I receive royalties every month.

My digital books have been downloaded around the world, with sales in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany and India. Print editions have been sold in Canada, the UK, Italy and here at home.

Yes, by gosh, I’m a real author. And if you read my reviews, you’ll see I’m a darned good one.

I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. And, if you are an independent author, neither do you.


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