This is not a competition

I must admit to being way too competitive in almost every area of my life. I can’t even join an exercise class for fear of hurting myself trying to be the fastest, strongest, etc. So, I’m doomed to mostly solitary workouts.

I figured writing should be the ideal activity for me. It is already solitary with no one to compete with but myself, right? Not necessarily.

Once my books began to sell and be reviewed, I found myself mentally competing with other independent authors, especially those in my genre. How self-defeating.

There are enough readers “out there” to share.

Competing with my peers is counter-productive when there is so much to gain from networking and supporting one another.

I learn something about myself with every book I write, and now I’m beginning to learn even more as I move into publishing and promoting.

A competitive spirit may be wonderful for the professional athlete, but I think it is something to overcome for me in my writing career.


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