The joys of networking

This summer I have enjoyed collaborating on a Kindle bundle promotion with four incredibly talented and generous authors. For the bundle, entitled “Under the Italian Sun,” we each contributed one cozy mystery novel set in Italy.

The five of us are scattered around the globe and vary in our nationalities, experience, backgrounds, ages and writing styles, yet we are bound together by our love of fiction writing and a desire to see each other succeed.

In working on the bundle promotion we are also promoting each other in our individual projects, because when one is successful it pulls up the rest of us.

The more experienced authors are eager to share their expertise with those of us new to publishing, while we each do what we can to boost awareness of our colleagues’ writing.

Along with the very practical education and the other joys of collaboration I’m experiencing, I have discovered a feeling of responsibility for the other independent authors I am meeting through this project. I want to read and review their works and encourage them in any way I can.

I think I am becoming a real part of the independent author community and I feel very lucky to have been welcomed in.



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