Feeding the Creative Muse is Job One

I’ve spent the last few weeks concentrating on marketing my published works and the summer bundle, “Under the Italian Sun.”

It has been exciting trying out new promotional processes and I’ve learned a lot.  Mostly I’ve learned to moderate my expectations.

Being pretty new at marketing my books, I’m afraid I expected huge results from these  increased efforts. When I failed to see the anticipated surge in sales and reviews, I began to feel anxiety and disappointment. I didn’t like these feelings,  so I took a deep breath and decided to get back to my work in progress, featuring a small town pastor’s wife on the Oregon Coast.

I introduced Naidenne and Pastor Scott in my book, Seadrift, and became so fond of them I decided to find out what has been happening to them since their marriage.

When I got back to the early chapters of the manuscript it was like a welcome visit with old pals. All my anxiety about sales dropped away as I became fired up to see what would happen next to these dear friends.

My creative juices, which had been growing stagnant during my promotional push, are once more springing alive. The muse is back.

I will need to revisit marketing and promotion again, of course, or I’ll be writing only for myself, but now I know where my priority lies.


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