Patience and the editing process

Everything I read about self-editing, after the caveat, “Hire a pro,” says to set your work aside after the initial proofing and beta-reader corrections and come back to it with fresh eyes after at least a few weeks.

I’ve never been able to do that. I’m too eager to see my words published, so I edit, proof, submit to beta readers, edit, proof, edit, proof again and publish.

I’ve been pretty lucky, so far, not to have too many major clinkers slip through.

I’m currently in the process of reformatting my Bunny Elder series for a Kindle bundle. In the process I’m proofing the published versions of the four books, once again.

Now, I understand the wisdom of that waiting period advice.

How could I have missed so many typos? Aargh!

My readers and reviewers have been kind to overlook the misplaced periods and foot symbols substituted for apostrophes, but I would never have published my books if I’d noticed them.

When I complete the re-edit/re-format process for the bundle I will be uploading new interiors for the individual Kindle and print-on-demand editions of all the books, too.

With this lesson well-learned, you can be sure my current work-in-progress will undergo an aging or gestational period before I proof it for the final time, allowing the mists of ego to clear from my vision so I can honestly assess and correct the work before publishing.

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