Reader Feedback is Priceless

I am about a third of the way through my current work in progress, The First Ladies’ Club.

At this stage of a novel, I sometimes hit a dry patch where I wonder how to proceed, or if I should even bother writing another word.

I felt myself slipping down into just such a slump this week, but then one of my local readers dropped by my office to let me know she’d just finished “…and Something Blue,” and was eager for my next book.

I thanked her for the kind words and assured her I was hard at work on the next. It was a simple exchange, but her words sparked the fires of my imagination and rekindled my enthusiasm for my work in progress.

Whether you are a writer or a reader, never underestimate the power of reader feedback.

To encourage feedback, writers need to be accessible to their readers.

I make my Facebook page [] open to public comment, my author email address [] is posted on my site and my Amazon author page [] is part of my email signature. This blog links to my author page and posts on my Twitter account [@HawkerJB].

I’m trying to make it easy for my readers to contact me.

Of course, I frequently check out the reviews of my books for sale on Amazon. The reader who takes the time to post a review deserves to have those comments considered, be they encouragement or helpful criticism.

As a reader too, now I understand how important it is to the author, I try to offer encouraging reviews of the books I read.  My words just may be helping a fellow author out of a slump.

Words are powerful; words of encouragement are priceless.


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