Learning by doing

An author exposes a piece of him or herself with every published work.

As independent authors, we are also displaying the learning process we are going through. Beginning with our first efforts at self-publishing our every typo, formatting error and novice blunder is available for the world to see.

When I published my first book, Hollow, I had no plans for a second book, let alone a series.  Readers wanted to know more about what happened next to Bunny and Max and urged me to write a sequel. That led to a four book series, basically chronicling their relationship, midst the murder and general mayhem.

It’s been great fun and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

Because I wasn’t planning a series, and because I was learning more about how to create a good cover as I went along, my covers in the series are not cohesive. Just looking at the books on a shelf, there is no family resemblance to jump out at the readers to let them know they are a series, as you can see from the covers displayed on the header of my blog.

I am considering having the covers re-designed as a series and would love some feedback on which element or elements should be consistent on each of the new covers.

Any and all feedback will be read, considered and appreciated.

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