Cover Design Update: Back to the Drawing Board

Thanks to all who provided input on the proposed cover design I posted.

Everyone who responded seemed to feel strongly about it, some favorably and some not-so-favorably. The colors, style and illustration gave a few people the idea the story was a romance set in an earlier era. As the book is a contemporary mystery/thriller, it was not the impression I was going for.

This was really helpful information.

It is good for a cover to provoke strong feelings, but it is not good to confuse the readers or set them up for disappointment when the cover is a mismatch for the style or genre of the book inside.

While we may not be able to accurately judge a book by its cover, most potential readers use a book cover to assess whether the book will be to their tastes. A cover can make or break a book, and can be as important as the story inside.

So, out with that cover design and back to the drawing board.


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