Creating a Blog Book

I decided to create a book from the past six years of  posts on my weekly inspirational blog  “Power Walking with Jonna.” (Thanks, Nonnie Jules for the idea!)

Going back to categorize and evaluate this many posts is daunting.

I’m creating one book of daily devotions for women and one of weekly readings for leaders in women’s ministry. I managed to get the posts separated and then began evaluating, rewriting and winnowing the book of weekly readings first (taking the smallest bite from the elephant before tacking the main carcass).

The process has been enlightening, revealing and humiliating, in about equal parts. There’s nothing like reading through years of posts to uncover a writer’s bad habits.

I’m re-writing to remove the most egregious lapses, so hopefully the finished book won’t lay my writing faults quite so bare to the readers.

I think this exercise will probably improve my fiction writing, too, so my current chagrin will be a small price to pay for becoming an improved novelist.



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