The Indie Author Experience

What a ride! Since publishing my first fiction in 2012 as a complete novice thrilling to receive my first good review, through the ups and downs of sales stats and learning all I can about this new second career, I’ve felt extreme highs and sinking lows. Through it all I’ve learned the value of patience and pacing.

With six published works and two awards, I’ve come to recognize that this process takes time to perfect. I’ve begun to let go of the dreams of overnight glory and accept my missteps and failures as tuition in the learning process.

One thing I’ve learned is that in order to reach readers I need a sizable email list of fans willing to receive updates of new releases, promotions and special offers. This will include my regular monthly newsletter and infrequent (I promise not to spam you!) special communications.

If you would like to be added to my email listing, please send an email to me at: I will gratefully add you to my list and send you a couple of chapters of my current work in progress as a thanks for giving me a push on the ride.


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