Upcoming September Excitement

We’re still sweltering in August heat here in Northern California, but September will arrive soon. Many of our California schools resume classes in the second week of August, but in my heart September remains the beginning of the year and a time for starting new programs, projects and looking ahead to my favorite holiday celebrations.

This September is living up to my expectations with two wonderful opportunities for readers and authors alike.

The first is a Facebook Event happening on September 12, for one day only, beginning at midnight EST. The event, Mystery Writers Revealed, can be accessed here: Mystery Writers Revealed

On the day of the event, dozens of participating popular & award-winning authors will be logged in for an hour each to answer your questions, tell you about our books and offer prizes. We will each offer a featured digital book for the way cheap price of 99 cents. I will be featuring The First Ladies Club .

Next, only four days later, I will be taking part in a month-long September Back-to-School Book Blog Block-party (say that three times fast!) hosted by the Rave Reviews Book Club. Many highly-regarded independent authors will be posting a special, fun blog post on their special day in September. My special day is September 16. This is a mid-week date different from my usual weekend posting schedule and I will be interviewing a very special surprise guest.

Everyone who drops by this blog on September 16 and leaves their email address will be eligible to win one of three super prizes: the paperback book of your choice from my published works, signed by me; a $10 Amazon gift certificate; or the free download of a J.B. Hawker or Jonna Hawker Turek digital book of your choice.

I’m excited and looking forward to seeing you on these special September days.


The Midlist is running a promo of my book, Hollow, today. Check it out here .


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