This website exists to catalog and promote my published works and to share with readers some of the adventures experienced in the life of an independent author.

From the day my first book debuted I have been gratified by the support and thoughtfulness of my readers.

I welcome and encourage your feedback as I continue to grow and improve as a writer.


For more about me and my books:






2 thoughts on “About

  1. I would really like to establish a relationship with you as an author and one in a position such as yours. I am newly self published and will eventually begin working o my next 2 books one of which deals with religion. I hope to start a blog tour later next month. But I would like to be able to ask you your opinion and expert opinion on religious matters. Please consider my request.

    Thank You


    1. Congratulations, David, on your new book. What a great accomplishment. Now, the grunt work of promotion, right?
      I am flattered that you think I can be of help in your writing career. I would recommend getting into a Facebook group of other Indie authors, such as the group Clean Indie Reads. I’ve learned so much from these groups and find them to be very generous with their advice and time. I’m no expert on religious matters, I’m afraid, but I keep reading, praying and striving

      Best of luck with your writing career.


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