indieBRAG Christmas Blog Hop


Hello, wonderful readers! Bunny Elder Banks here to welcome you to J.B.Hawker’s B.R.A.G. blog party. J.B. is too shy to brag about herself, so, since I was in town, I offered to be your hostess.

I actually don’t mind, since J.B. never would have won her two B.R.A.G. medallions without my help.

If you think it is easy being the heroine of one of J.B.’s books, well…you can just think again. The things she puts me through!

You know, she looks like such a sweet little church lady, but some of the things swirling around in her imagination…my dear, I mean, really! It’s all right for you who only read about these things, but I have to live them.

Dealing with the serial killer in Hollow, her first Medallion winner, was an eye-opener, believe me. She took an innocent story about a small town Halloween decorating contest and almost got me killed.

When she took me off to Italy in Vain Pursuits, her second award-winner, I thought it was going to be my reward for what she did to me in Hollow…no such luck. She got me kidnapped by the Mafia in that one. Well, she did give me a few romantic scenes with my Max, so I guess I will forgive her. Still…you should just read what she gets me up to in Seadrift and in …and Something Blue.

I thought when she concluded that series with such a nice, happy ending, Max and I could retire in peace. But then what does she do? She kills him off! And brings me back to Bannoch in The First Ladies Club to help rescue her latest victim (what does she have against pastors’ wives, anyway?).

Oh, I know, she hints in A Body in the Belfry that maybe Max isn’t quite as dead as we were led to believe (led to believe by you-know-who), but with her fascination with dead bodies, what am I to think?

Now, where was I? Oh yes, I’m here today to welcome you to J.B. Hawker’s BRAG Christmas Blog Hop… and to brag about her, I suppose. Hmmph! I don’t think so.

Oh, well…it is the Season of Peace and Joy, so I guess I can cut her some slack. The poor dear probably doesn’t have much excitement in her own life and needs to live vicariously through mine.

Best wishes to you all for a Blessed Christmas and happy reading.

The next stop on the indieBRAG Christmas Blog Hop is tomorrow, December 8 with Vinnie Hansen  who is probably much kinder to her characters than you-know-who.

Until next time…bye from your pal, Bunny.

Seadrift, Book Three in the Bunny Elder Adventure Series

After her Italian adventure, Bunny is determined to learn who she is outside the roles of pastor’s wife and younger sister.

She loved the Oregon coast when her late husband’s ministry took them there for a few years, so she decides to strike out on her own and see if she can make a living as a free-lance writer.

She rents a quiet cabin near the imaginary coastal village, Bannoch-by-the-Sea, and begins sending out pitches to local periodicals and businesses. She joins a local church, where she is just becoming established, when a chance discovery while beach combing leads Bunny into yet another life-threatening situation.

While dodging human traffickers bent on retrieving the little sea chest Bunny found, she builds relationships with new friends and finds depths of strength she scarcely knew she had.

Thoughts of what might have been with Max finally begin to fade.

In this book we meet Ellery, Bunny’s great-niece, a student at Seattle University, and take a step outside the middle-aged viewpoint of the earlier books.

Like Bunny, I lived in parsonages on the coast of Oregon and Washington and I enjoyed revisiting some of my favorite places with her in this book.

Bannoch, entirely fictional, is very loosely based on Bandon, OR.

Through the lives of Bannoch Community Fellowship Pastor Scott Davidson and his sister, Rosamund, we get a tiny peek into parsonage life.

Although Hollow, book one in the series, is a true mystery, with a definite whodunnit, Vain Pursuits, and Seadrift fall more into the thriller/adventure category, leading me to change the series title from Bunny Elder Mysteries to Bunny Elder Adventures. One reviewer described the series as “Nancy Drew for Grown-ups.” While I’m not as prolific as Carolyn Keene, I am flattered by the comparison.

Vain Pursuits, Book Two in the Bunny Elder Adventure Series

When we last saw Bunny at the end of Book 1, she was picking up the pieces of her life.  In Book 2 we discover what happens when she accepts her sister’s invitation to come and stay on her Idaho potato ranch.

I served with my pastor husband in a small church in south-central Idaho, not too far from Bunny’s sister’s place. As I wrote about the women’s time on the ranch I was able to look out across the arid fields in my imagination and picture antelope skidding under the fences .

Vain Pursuits opens with the sisters flying across the Atlantic headed for Italy.

Much of this scene came from my own first trip overseas to visit my oldest son in Italy. Many of my impressions of the various locations in the book are reflected in Bunny’s and her sister’s reactions.

Although I never got involved with smugglers or mafiosi in my visits to Italy, I believe my time there added a bit of color to Bunny’s adventures.

Many of my reviewers appreciated seeing a bit of the real Italy through Bunny’s eyes.

When I decided to make a series from the original book which takes place around Halloween, I thought I might highlight a different holiday in each book.

In Vain Pursuits the holiday was Christmas, as the sisters were shopping for an authentic Italian nativity set.