Mirth, Mayhem and Murder Available in time for Valentine’s Day

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Did you ever wonder what it’s like to be the wife of a small town pastor?

Joanna Breault writes in Christianity Today about the pastor’s wife effect, “When pastors’ wives walk up, the conversation goes quiet. Our remarks are often met with flattering-but-awkward deference. Our relationships still have a degree of distance.”
The pastors’ wives of the fictional town of Bannoch, Oregon, have formed the First Ladies Club to help them overcome the stresses of having private, everyday lives just like everyone else, while being married to men whose jobs subject them to public scrutiny and expectations.
green borderThe First Ladies Club, Book One in the First Ladies Club Mysteries series, will introduce you to Naidenne, the newest in the group, as she faces deadly peril, and the other ladies who rise above their differences of denomination, culture, ethnicity and generation to bring her safely through.
Future books in the series will highlight the other women in this eclectic group.
Get a glimpse of these remarkable women who support each other through mirth, mayhem and murder, while trying to stay true to their husbands and their faith.

Seadrift, Book Three in the Bunny Elder Adventure Series

After her Italian adventure, Bunny is determined to learn who she is outside the roles of pastor’s wife and younger sister.

She loved the Oregon coast when her late husband’s ministry took them there for a few years, so she decides to strike out on her own and see if she can make a living as a free-lance writer.

She rents a quiet cabin near the imaginary coastal village, Bannoch-by-the-Sea, and begins sending out pitches to local periodicals and businesses. She joins a local church, where she is just becoming established, when a chance discovery while beach combing leads Bunny into yet another life-threatening situation.

While dodging human traffickers bent on retrieving the little sea chest Bunny found, she builds relationships with new friends and finds depths of strength she scarcely knew she had.

Thoughts of what might have been with Max finally begin to fade.

In this book we meet Ellery, Bunny’s great-niece, a student at Seattle University, and take a step outside the middle-aged viewpoint of the earlier books.

Like Bunny, I lived in parsonages on the coast of Oregon and Washington and I enjoyed revisiting some of my favorite places with her in this book.

Bannoch, entirely fictional, is very loosely based on Bandon, OR.

Through the lives of Bannoch Community Fellowship Pastor Scott Davidson and his sister, Rosamund, we get a tiny peek into parsonage life.

Although Hollow, book one in the series, is a true mystery, with a definite whodunnit, Vain Pursuits, and Seadrift fall more into the thriller/adventure category, leading me to change the series title from Bunny Elder Mysteries to Bunny Elder Adventures. One reviewer described the series as “Nancy Drew for Grown-ups.” While I’m not as prolific as Carolyn Keene, I am flattered by the comparison.